Monday, September 16, 2013

Kids Room Decorated and Done (Finally)

Hi all, I hope this Monday finds you well and you had a great weekend.  We did some hiking at a local park since it was so beautiful here.  This past week, I spent most of my kid free time finally finishing my youngest daughters room.  Back in the spring we decided that it was time for her to move to a full size bed and also get rid of the baby room.  So we bought her a matress, converted her toddler bed to a full size bed and bought the paint.

She wanted a purple room, as that is her favorite color.  We chose this shockingly bright purple, that I thought was a mistake because it made the room so dark.  Once we moved the furniture back in, it became a little less of a shock.  So we couldn't just paint her room, we had to decorate it.  She wanted a big rainbow on her wall.  I tried hard to give that to her, but after ruining two whole rolls of Silhouette vinyl trying to cut each of the colors, I gave up and decided that fairies would be much better.  So I used the remaining vinyl and cut some fairies I bought from  It is amazing how smooth the Cameo cuts this vinyl.  Here are the pics of the fairies ...

We also wanted to give her a place to draw on the wall.  She is notorious for drawing on the walls in the house.  It is fantastic that she wants to be so creative, but a pain to clean up.  To combat this we used some Silhouette chalkboard vinyl and created a drawing space.  We framed it with some trim pieces from the hardware store.

As you can see it is already well used.  Finally I wanted to give her plain pink lamp shade a fun update.

I went to the home goods store and bought a lamp shade for about $7.00.  I then spent every evening after my kids went to bed for an entire week hot gluing this ribbon to the shade.  It took so long because to get the ruffle look I was going for, I had to glue each individual ruffle and wait between ruffles for the glue to set.  I found the butterflies at Pottery Barn Kids and love how they match the colors in the room perfectly.

Thanks for stopping by and getting through this long post.  Hope you have a wonderful week.

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