Monday, January 12, 2015

Grateful Journaling

Hi all, Happy Monday!!

Not really ... we had a two hour delay again today, these really mess with my day!!  Especially since it is just raining.  Anyways, I have been reading lately that grateful people tend to be happier people.  Now I am not saying I am not happy but I am trying to be more intentionally grateful to help me in those times where I feel like to world is against me.  So with that in mind I needed a place to write my grateful thoughts down.  I didn't want a book but something that would be a decorative fixture on my bedside table in addition to being functional.  Here is what I came up with ... 

So I started with this box ...

It was a Christmas box from years ago, that had been sitting in my craft room just waiting to be repurposed.  I used a stack of fabric paper that I had bought year's ago to cover all sides of the box.  The fabric paper is really neat because it is thin paper with a sticky backing.  I then used my Silhouette to cut the month dividers.  They are found here and here in the Silhouette Design Store.  The final step was just to cut paper cards to journal my grateful thoughts.  I am not going to force my thoughts so I don't think I will do it everyday, but try as much as I can.  I can also use to to record any things my children do that I want to remember.  

Hope this inspires you to stay grateful and journal those thoughts.  Have a great day, and week if I don't get to another post this week!!!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year and a Planner to Get Started

Hi all

Happy New Year!!!!  So I am back and hope to revitalize my blog with lots of great projects.  So I have been missing for a while because I have had to get a handle on all the new responsibilities I have taken on as the parent of an elementary school girl.  I have been heavily involved in my daughter's school through the PTA and helping run the school Math Club.  I had to get a handle on these things and how they fit into my schedule.  

On that note of schedules, I have created a planner for myself that will allow me to keep on track and stay motivated towards my individual goals.  It took a couple hours to create, just because I included daily sheets to keep my to-do list manageable.  So here it is:

So the outside planner size is 10" x 7.5", with the inside pages at 9.5" x 7".  I like this size because I can put it into my purse without much hassle.  To make the covers I took two sheets of Silhouette chipboard and glued then together, after I cut them to size.  I then choose some Heidi Swapp scrapbook paper to cover both sides of the chipboard.  I did this twice to create the front and back of the planner.  I chose to glue the two sheets of chipboard together because I felt that the chipboard was a little flimsy, and I wanted something sturdy.  I then decorated the front of the planner with some flowers I had on hand, and used double sided adhesive with glitter for the year.  Here is a snapshot of the inside of the planner:

So I created these pages with my Silhouette design studio software.  I then printed them off front to back and a ton of them.  This planner as it stands only has daily pages up until June.  I was trying to cut down on the thickness, considering I had to use a 2" binding coil.  I used weekly planner pages astwell from just printed at 80%.  I can't remember where I got my monthly calendar pages from.  I then used some store bought dividers, cut down to the correct size.  

This planner was a ton of tedious cutting of pages, but I really like the end result, especially the size.  So that is what I have for you today, I hope you are starting your new year great and don't forget to make some time to craft.  

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