Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest Day - Lego Play Bin

Hi all hope you have all been having a great week.  So I am getting around to my Pinterest post.  I know I said that Wednesday would be Pinterest day but I think I have decided that I will just have a Pinterest Day, that way I won't disappoint anyone and also take some of the stress of trying to get the post up.  See I blog for a hobby and to give back to the crafting community, so taking care of family comes first.  Hope you all understand.

With that said here is what I did using some Pinterest inspiration.

Here is the pin that I got the inspiration from:

Once I pinned this my good friend hinted that this would be something her son would love.  Well with his birthday last week I went at trying to create it.  So in the pin the creator actually cut and assembled wood to make this tray.  I am not a wood worker, in fact I am terrified of most power tools.  So I decided I would try to find a tray that I could use.  I found this bin at Home Goods.  It is not flimsy but it is also not too heavy so I thought it would be perfect, and with the extra depth it could also serve as storage for the legos.  As this gift if for a three year old I also wanted to use a Lego Duplo board instead of a regular Lego board.  I found the board on Amazon and had my husband cut it down to fit inside the box.  I adhered it to the box using velcro, thinking that when he does graduate to regular Legos, we could just switch out the board.

For the front of the bin I originally planned to use vinyl.  I cut the vinyl using the Cameo and then tried to adhere it to the bin.  Well vinyl doesn't adhere to fabric very well and I knew it would just get peeled off.  So I then cut a template with freezer paper, ironed it onto the fabric front of the bin and then used fabric paint to create the name.

Hope you have enjoyed this.  I might make one for my daughter as well.  Don't forget to go utilize those pins and have a great week.


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