Saturday, November 26, 2011

Advent Calendar and First Video

Hi all I hope you have had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  I having been having alot of fun with my family, with way more fun to be had next week.  So I have something exciting today.  I made my very first video!!!  Please no over the top laughter as it is my first video.
Anyhow I am going to share with you the Advent calendar that I made.  I really love how it turned out and plan to use if for years to come.  I got the idea here and made some simple changes that I think made it a little special.  I have been using all of the inspiration floating around the blog-o-shpere and am really thankful for all the ideas.
So here is the calendar and video of how to make the pockets.  The original author used library pockets but since I didn't have any of those lying around my video shows how I made them and then embellished them.

  • For the pocket cut down a manilla file folder to 8" x 4" and score at 3.75".  See the video for more instructions
  • The base layer ornament is 2.77" x 3.75" from Simply Charmed
  • Top layer ornament is 2.36" x 3.2" from Simply Charmed
  • Numbers at 1.25" from Plantin Schoolbook
  • Insert card base is 3.5" x 3" from Once Upon a Princess
  • Insert card top layer is 3.10" x 2.30" from Once Upon a Princess
I hope you enjoy and have given you more ideas for a DIY Advent calendar.

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