Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year and a Planner to Get Started

Hi all

Happy New Year!!!!  So I am back and hope to revitalize my blog with lots of great projects.  So I have been missing for a while because I have had to get a handle on all the new responsibilities I have taken on as the parent of an elementary school girl.  I have been heavily involved in my daughter's school through the PTA and helping run the school Math Club.  I had to get a handle on these things and how they fit into my schedule.  

On that note of schedules, I have created a planner for myself that will allow me to keep on track and stay motivated towards my individual goals.  It took a couple hours to create, just because I included daily sheets to keep my to-do list manageable.  So here it is:

So the outside planner size is 10" x 7.5", with the inside pages at 9.5" x 7".  I like this size because I can put it into my purse without much hassle.  To make the covers I took two sheets of Silhouette chipboard and glued then together, after I cut them to size.  I then choose some Heidi Swapp scrapbook paper to cover both sides of the chipboard.  I did this twice to create the front and back of the planner.  I chose to glue the two sheets of chipboard together because I felt that the chipboard was a little flimsy, and I wanted something sturdy.  I then decorated the front of the planner with some flowers I had on hand, and used double sided adhesive with glitter for the year.  Here is a snapshot of the inside of the planner:

So I created these pages with my Silhouette design studio software.  I then printed them off front to back and a ton of them.  This planner as it stands only has daily pages up until June.  I was trying to cut down on the thickness, considering I had to use a 2" binding coil.  I used weekly planner pages astwell from just printed at 80%.  I can't remember where I got my monthly calendar pages from.  I then used some store bought dividers, cut down to the correct size.  

This planner was a ton of tedious cutting of pages, but I really like the end result, especially the size.  So that is what I have for you today, I hope you are starting your new year great and don't forget to make some time to craft.  

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