Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Magnetic Dress Up with the Cricut

Hi all

So I am now in sunny Florida, (not so sunny with the storm at the moment).  The car ride went spectacularly well, no major meltdowns with the kids.  We did have to make it a two day drive though because of the storm, but we made it in one piece.  So last week I posted about the car ticket travel game.  It was a smashing success!!  Every time I asked the girls for a ticket, it was like a party in the car.  They would get excited and start singing "ticket time, ticket time".  Then they would diligently count how many tickets they had left.  So I highly recommend this game if you have a long distance to travel with the kids.

So the project I have for you today was also intended for the car.  I made the girls a magnetic doll dress up craft.  They really loved it and I am glad because it took me about 7 hours to complete altogether.  I will show you the pictures and then list the cuts and sizes.  It is a long list so read only if you really want to know the details.

So I used some printable magnetic sheets I got at Staples.  The come four sheets to a pack, 8.5 x 11" for about $10.00.  I needed to use the deep cut blade and housing with a setting of 6.  The pressure was set to high, and the speed to 3.  I also needed to use the multi-cut feature set to 2.  I used only one cartridge, Once Upon a Princess.  The cookie sheet you see was from Walmart and was only $ 0.92.  I did have to add extra magnets to the outfits after all the paper went on, because they didn't stick to well.  I don't think these magnetic sheets are intended to have paper on top of them.  So here is the list of cuts and sizes.  It is long, so if you made it this far thanks for stopping by. 

Cuts on the Magnetic Sheets:
  • Castle Base - 5"
  • Frog Base - 2"
  • Unicorn Base - 2.5"
  • Doll 1 Base - 4"
  • Doll 2 Base - 4"
  • Doll 1 Layer - 4"
  • Princess 1 Base - 4"
  • Princess 2 Base - 4"
  • Mermaid Base + Layer 1 Welded together - 4"
  • Dress 1 Base - 4"
  • Raincoat shift + Only raincoat boots - 4"
  • Cowgirl Base + hat - 4"
  • Pajamas Base - 4"
So the paper cuts are made at the same size above with the layers added for the decorations.  If you want a detailed list of the paper cuts please just leave a comment.  Also much of the time spent on the project was in making the cut files in the Cricut Craft Room.  If you would like my CCR files just leave a comment.  Well thanks for stopping by and I hope this has inspired you to create some of your own travel games.

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