Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids Travel Tickets with the Imagine

Good evening , hope your weekend is going swell.  We have been outside much of the day playing in the great weather.  So the project I have for you today is an idea I got off the web.  In about a week I will be putting my kids and the dog in the car to make the 14 hour trek to my parents house.  That is 14 without stopping, did I mention it will be only me???  I am a bit nervous about the drive.  I have been scouring the web for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained without the mindless DVD player.  I came across the idea to give the kids tickets that signify how much time has passed, that way they have a way of quantifying how much time is left in the trip.  Being the crafty person that I am I couldn't just go and by raffle tickets, I wanted to make it a little more festive and fun.  So here is what I came up with:

So the jist is that I will give each of my daughters 16 tickets (I am being wishful) and every hour I will ask them to give me a ticket.  Then they can count how many are left to see how much longer we have to go.  On the set for my older daughter I put the numbers 1 - 16 on the back so that she can practice her number recognition.  Hopefully this will keep them entertained a little???

Ticket Recipe:

  • Ticket base cut from stamp on Elegant Edges at 2.2"h x 2.8"w
  • Top ticket cut from stamp on Elegant Edges at 1.8"h x 2.2"w
  • Font from Kate's ABCs cut at 1" and welded in CCR
I used the Imagine to get the colors which are from I came I saw I created weekly color challenge.  Love how bright they came out.  So I will have a few more travel related projects coming up next week.  Hope you have enjoyed and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Sounds like a terrific idea. It keeps them occupied, they can learn AND they won't keep asking you!!! Thank you for playing along in the color challenge. I stopped the color challenges for the summer, but left the last challenge hanging. I will be posting the winner today.
    Renee @