Thursday, October 20, 2011

Catching Up on Crafting

I am excited and honored to be Rebecca's first guest blogger. "Thank you Rebecca!!" We have been friends for many years and have recently been able to find to time to craft together. I have loved to do all sorts of craft projects since I was a kid, but since having kids myself it's been hard to find time for any projects other than helping the kids get good and messy. Thankfully for me, Rebecca is a trooper about bringing her Cricut anywhere and everywhere. I am posting 3 different projects today. The first 2 used Rebecca's trusty Cricut and the last one I an including only because I think it's a cool idea to use for a range of holidays and events.

Project 1:

Birthday party Invitations. I have 3 children - now ages 6, 4 & 3. And all of their birth dates are within 28 days of each other. So this year we had 1 big circus. I created these adorable invites with the help of Rebecca's Cricut! Embellishments included glitter and felt and well as a few stickers.

Project 2:
On our cabin trip that Rebecca mentioned over the Labor Day weekend - I also created a few Back to School notes for the kids. They loved the cards! Going back to school... well, not so much!

And Project 3:
My mother's 60th birthday is coming up and I thought and thought about what to do and I finally came up with a party idea: Patricia is 6tea . And it will be a tea party. I found a tea cup pattern online, then covered real tea bags with cute coordinating paper. Then told guests to please not bring gifts, but if they couldn't resist to please pick up a mis-matched tea cup and saucer for her - putting their name on the bottom - in the end she'll have a full set but also able to recall who each set is from. I wanted to include this card because the idea could be used for a traditional tea party, a Mother's Day card, Get Well card, and any of the "tea" birthdays (20, 30, 40, etc.) so it has name applications.

Well - I hope you like these projects - I'm hoping to get another invite to post some more projects in the future! :)

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