Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life's Moments and Birthday Invites

Hi all

We have had alot going on around our house.  This past weekend my husband converted my baby girl's crib into a big girl bed.  He did this without my knowledge while I was out for a couple hours.  When I came home and found the bed converted I nearly cried from shock.  I wanted my baby to stay little forever and the reality is that she is growing up and getting bigger.  I was also a little scared of what the night time would bring but she has done wonderful about staying in bed and going to sleep.  Here is a litle pic of her proud as can be in her new bed.

And now onto the next thing that shows she and her big sister are getting older, the birthday invites.  Both my girls were born in October so this year since they are turning two and four we have decided that we will have one party to celebrate both occasions.  We just feel that we can't ask our family and friends to travel twice in one month for birthday celebrations.  So I have been working tirelessly on the invitations and finally got them finished.  Here is the invitation that I created.

We are having the celebration at a local fall festival so I thought pumpkin invites would be appropriate.  It took me two hours one night just to cut all the pieces and another two hours to assemble all the pumpkins.  In the future I may need to puck an easier cut for mass production projects like this.  Also my friend Angela showed me a super neat trick about attaching the ribbon.  She showed me that you can just run your tape runner down the back of the ribbon and it will stick pretty well to the paper.  I was going to use my Xyron machine and cut all the pieces down to size.  That would have taken forever so I am very grateful for this new method.  Anyhow I hope you enjoy the pics.  I now have to start working on the party decorations and such.  Have a wonderful day!!!

Invite Recipie:
  • Party Invite: Princess Party Cartridge at 5"
  • Pumpkins:  Simply Charmed at 2"
  • Crowns: Once Upon a Princess at1"
  • Text was done with a White Sakura pen
  • The ribbon and card stock was Michaels

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  1. I'm stopping by from the Made It Myself Mondays Link-up Party. These are very cute. I love the faces on the pumpkins. You did a great job! I'm an October baby so I knew you guy will have fun! October babies are great people. Jussayin!